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HEPU Betonschneider

Saw unit, type HEPU-SEH 0.7 kW

With cleaning connection, including air motor 0.7 kW, speed (loaded) 10,000 min-1, speed (empty) 20,000 min-1, including clamping device, compressed air hose, sheathed 2.5 m, with lubricator, including diamond cutting disc Ø180mm for concrete and granite.

Hydraulic press, type HEPU-HP-1.8-700 for concrete testing

Including hydraulic hand pump, 2-level, max. operating pressure 1st level 13.8 bar, 2nd level 700 bar, pressure limiting valves can be installed from outside, including single-acting cylinder with spring suck-back, ultimate load 10 t, stroke 54 mm, usable piston surface 14.5 cm², necessary oil volume 78.7 cm³, weight 2.2 kg, including high-pressure hose, including bourbon tube pressure gauge up to 250 bar with drag indicator, glycerine fill, stainless steel housing, Ø 100 mm.

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Hepu Mischer

Typ HEPU-M 100-330/1-100

With an agitator and mixer blade (active) and fixed paddle (passive) that are arranged so that the medium is optimally digested.  The shaft is arranged without contact. Packing or seal elements are omitted. The mixer is finished in heavy construction. The mixer is equipped with a large-dimensioned access panel in order to optimise maintenance and service work. The drive is made by an electric motor. The speed is set by the v-belt drive..

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