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Dredge pump for sand and gravel extraction


  • extremely low-speed motor through large impeller diameter
  • energy-saving through modern pump technology


For the hydraulic transport of solid materials like sand and gravel, the HEPU Company has developed special impellers that guarantee disturbance-free extraction operation depending on the deposit and mixture of the wear-causing medium to be pumped.

Because of the long practical experience of our engineers in the field of solid-material pumping, a new generation of dredge pumps using the proven HEPU pump construction has arisen: type "HEPU-SBP"

In addition to the extraction of sand and gravel, these pumps are also used for pumping ore suspensions, coal, mining waste, lime sludge, and other abrasive solid mixtures.

Operating data

Q = 100 m3/h bis 3500 m3/h
H = ges. 70 m Fl.S.

Available in the sizes
DN 100 - DN 400

With the larger impeller diameter, lower pumping speeds are necessary, so that considerably higher durability is achieved.


The robust pump shaft and the over dimensioned lubricated cylindrical and spherical roller bearings provide for disturbance-free operation.
The bearings installed by HEPU are standard commercial bearings.

Shaft seal

The shaft seal is carried out by a stuffing box seal and is loaded by sealing water.
Alternative sealing on request.

Abrasion materials

Through the use of special materials the durability of the wear parts like the casing, impellers, and suction and pressure side wear plates is increased considerably.
A crucial factor is that a very high, consistent durability can thus be guaranteed.


Finish-coat according to RAL 3000

Performance diagram


Date: March 2007, technical changes reserved.

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