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HEPU treatment plant for washing water recuperation

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Through the environmentally-legal conditions of the authorities, specific requirements with the extraction, production, and processing of sand and gravel are to be fulfilled by the operating company. Therefore the handling of the washing water assumes a great significance. With applicable treatment plants that primarily consist of water treatment and sludge drainage, optimal recuperation of washing water can be achieved. Thus a minimisation of costs for the removal of fresh water and for the dumping of clarified impurities is guaranteed.


High-performance clarifiers with large clarifying surfaces and rabble rakes. Feeding of the waste water through an open channel or closed pipeline. Metered feeding of the balanced flocculant solution to an appropriate place. Depositing of the flocculated clarified solid particles. Optimisation of thickening by thickening rakes. Transport of the thickened sludge to the centre of the high-performance clarifier. Automatic pumping by the sludge drainage pump to a waste site or filtering press.

Rating chart in l/min. for HEPU clarifiers

HEPU HK Belastungsdiagramm


HEPU standard equipment

  1. High-performance clarifier with thickener rakes
  2. Flocculant processing system (ready for connection)
  3. Measurement instrument - "Depositing Time", for control of the flocculant pump relating to the solid material concentration in the waste water
  4. Sludge drainage pump
  5. Complete electrical control
  6. Assembly and service


according to choice

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