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Container pump for normal requirements and fine sand recovery

HEPU B 100-330

Range of application

Container pump without packing for application with normal and medium requirements.

Chemical industry, sewage and waste water, coal and ore preparation, sand and gravel extraction, porous concrete, etc.


Complete pump structure in vertical construction provided with pump sump. Different pump tank sizes and constructions are possible. Special construction according to agreement. Impellers in open design. The structure of the pump makes it unnecessary to plan for special foundations, thus a light setup is given.

Exceedingly practical for changing pulp inflow through self-ventilation. Bearing support, bearing, and electric motor are dry-well installed. The impeller can be optimally positioned by the adjustment equipment on the bearing mount. One-piece housing made of Nihard or entirely metal construction. Two-piece housing made of GG-25 with PU construction. All wear parts are individually changeable and interchangeable.

Operating data

Q = up to 800 m3h ( ~ 220 l/s)
H = up to 60 m Fl. S.

Pressure sockets

DN 50 - DN 250


Robust and over dimensioned standard shaft, lubricated cylindrical and spherical roller bearings, constructed for a life of 60,000 hours of operation. By dismantling the bearing shell on the bearing mount the entire unit, bearing with shaft, can be interchanged quickly and problem-free.

The container pump is constructed without packing seal. Shaft protection sleeve, packing gland, and sealing and lubrication water are omitted so that considerable costs for maintenance, repairs, and personnel are limited.


Electric motor up to 160 KW.
Model B 3 with reinforced bearing.

Abrasion materials

  • Nihard 4 - Special
  • Chromium steel 1.4138
  • Cr-Ni Steel 1.4410
  • GGG 40 to GGG 100
  • GG 25
  • Polyurethane PU
  • Other materials on request


Finish-coat according to RAL 3000



Date: March 2007, technical changes reserved.

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